Justin Schneider - Co Founder and Director of Athlete and Coach Development

Warren is our MasterMind for Sport Science.  He focuses his time on implementing years of research and experience into our program development.  He is responsible for continuous improvement and design of our instructional products and services.  His desire to change the world of fitness, specifically athlete development made him a perfect fit for Athlete Development University.

Shane's passion for leadership has allowed him to consult other companies and enjoy several motivational and leadership speaking engagements. 

Shane is the author of , "Five Six Seven Eight:  Prepare Today...Make Your Life Count".  This work is directed at young cheer athletes.  His two daughters cheered most of their young lives.  The "cheerleader" stereotypes bothered him, so he chose to bring to light all of the positives a cheerleader experiences.  The competitive nature of the fast growing sport taught teamwork, leadership, confidence, heart and hard work.  This project turned into an opportunity for newly formed teams  to use the book as a resource for young athletes to realize these qualities and work to live them out in their lives.

Shane is also the Founder and Owner of CheerBandz.  It was through this vision that his passion for youth athlete developmentent was born.  The CheerBandz product line ships to athletes around the world today.  But there had to be more.  There had to be a way to dig deeper into athlete development.  Insert Warren Martin and Justin Schneider and Athlete Development University came to life. 

​​​​Warren Martin, a Best-Selling Author, has been embracing science over mainstream deceptions, changing people’s mindsets and lives since 2000. He has a multitude of Goal-Oriented Specializations – And a passion for cutting through detrimental myths by implementing Simplicity, Specificity, Progressions, and NO BULL into programs.

Best Selling Author – The Wellness Code
Contributing Author in 7 other books – Women’s series
Seen Nationally on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates
Writes in multiple magazines and online services locally and nationally
Guest on Dr. John Spencer Ellis’s TV show Health & Wellness Today
NESTA-Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach (MMACC)
NASM PES (performance enhancement specialist)
NASM CES (corrective exercise specialist)
HFPN (health fitness provider network)
NASM FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist)
NASM GFS (Golf Fitness Specialist)
NSCA member
US Marine Corps
BS Wellness/Fitness Programming Management
Apex Fitness Group – CPT, Reebok Group Fitness & Freemotion Fitness


Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, Weight Management, Fat Loss, Muscle Development, Lower Back Injury, Neck/Shoulder Injury, Foot/Ankle/Knee Injury, Cardio Specialist, SQA performance, Golf performance, Prenatal/Postnatal, and much more.

Get to know Warren:

Justin's Certifications

From surfing in California to snowboarding in New York, Justin has always pushed to the limits of his athletic ability.  For more than 10 years, Justin has been a leader in the cheerleading and gymnastics industry.  He has prided himself on creating the safest and most effective training methodologies.  He has remained a student of the evolution in how athletes maximize performance and reduce injury.  He has a strong desire to create elite athletes both mentally and physically. 

Justin has had the opportunity to work with thousands of athletes in various sports across the country.  One of his stops was at the Junior Olympic Training Center for Gymnastics where he worked with internationally competitive athletes.  He has also coached gymnastics at the collegiate level and helped lead his team to a national title.  His travel across the country has allowed him to take proper training and skill based techniques for competitive cheerleading to coaches and athletes.

In college, Justin studied Accounting, while minoring in Management and Dance.  He was an all-around athlete.  He participated and excelled in track and field, basketball, and competitive cheerleading.  His love for sports and the opportunity to see youth athletes progress keeps him focused and open to the quickly changing industry.

Justin has always been a little on the nerdy side.  His father was a computer software architect.  By age 11, Justin learned many valuable skills including website development, software programming and security infrastructure.  Technology remains an area of passion for him.  He believes this knack for technology is what helps set him apart from other athlete developers.  He doesn't shy away from the use of technology in training.  He actually hunts it down and looks for ways to package it for optimal use. 

Justin met Shane at a Regional USASF Meeting in Baltimore during the summer of 2014.  It didn't take long to realize that they were passionate about the same thing...youth athlete development.  Shane invited Justin to become an Athlete Development Specialist for another company he owns (CheerBandz).  Justin and Shane knew that they wanted to take a deeper dive into the use of Sport Science for youth athletes.  When Shane introduced Justin to Warren, he knew that they were on to something that would be a game changer.  Justin relocated from New York and the three of them went to work developing the foundation of what has become Athlete Development University.

Get to know Shane:

AACCA Safety Certification

NYSPHSAA Coaching Certification

Child Abuse Certification

Violence Prevention Certification

DASA Training Certification

Concussion Education Certification

USASF Credentialed L1-L5

NASM (in progress)

Get to know Justin:

​​​Warren Martin - Co Founder and Director of Sports Science/Instructional Product Development

Shane is visionary leader.  He spends his time looking for exciting ways to connect us to new opportunities.  His desire to change the way young athletes view their development is a strong personal motivator.  His goal is to educate athletes, parents and coaches around the world so that the risk of injury is reduced and athletes can perform at their highest potential. 

Shane Pennington - Co Founder and Director of Business Development/Partner Relations

Changing bodies, fitness and nutrition mindsets since launching his career in the industry in 2000, Warren Martin has achieved amazing results in training over a thousand people, from kids to college and pro athletes, adults of all ages and seniors. Devoted to a constant flow of education, he has done over 30,000 training hours and has seven certifications and over twenty specializations – including Youth, Senior, Joint Problems, Cardio Performance, General Cardio, Pre/Post Natal, Fat loss, Life Coaching, Nutrition and Exercise Techniques.

True to his entrepreneurial leanings and desire to educate just as he is constantly educating himself, Martin has become an outspoken advocate for the value of science based fitness and nutrition over popular passing mainstream thought. He became a bestselling author with a powerful chapter exposing these myths in “The Wellness Code: Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness and Nutrition,” which features other Celebrity Experts in the Fitness industry sharing their insights on healthy living. He has been seen nationwide on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox affiliates on the John Spencer Ellis show, discussing health and wellness.

Martin has also contributed chapters to various women-oriented fitness books that are part of “The Expert Series,” including “Body Sculpting Exercises for Women Over 40,” “Fast Fat Burning for Busy Women and "Get Fit For Your Pregnancy”. He has been a powerful blogger for Fitness Professional Online, writing on such topics as “3 Fitness Facts Misunderstood by Trainers and Clients,” “The Future of MMA” and “The Last 30 Seconds” (about training for Mixed Martial Arts competitions), and, drawing from his own journey in building his successful business, “Building Your Fitness Empire From the Ground Up.”

A feature story about Warren Martin was also recently seen on the New York Business Journal website as well as other major online publications such as The Boston Globe, Yahoo!Finance, Los Angeles Daily News, Reuters and MarketWatch, among many others.

Justin is our connection to athletes and coaches.  He focuses his time implementing our customized training programs.  His desire is to help athletes achieve peak performance while ensuring that coaches create safe training environments.  He hopes to refine and enhance how athletes prepare via controlled progression.

Warren's Highlights

Shane was one of those kids who wanted to play every sport.  Having those experiences as a child became a part of his foundation.  Teamwork, leadership and continuous improvement are all very important parts of everything he does today.

Shane spent over 20 years in Corporate America before realizing a calling to youth athlete development.  He built a well rounded career that allowed him to spend time in corporate leadership, sales, business operations and health management.