How do we use technology?

We believe that every athlete, no matter age or level of competition, deserves the best in development.  For that reason alone, we have partnered with the leader in 3D movement assessment technology.  That's right, we will utilize the same technology that professional athletes and other prestigious organizations like West Point use in capturing and reporting movement deficiencies.

Who are we?

Athlete Development University (ADU) was formed with two primary focuses and each are extremely related.  Our goal is to develop athletes to a place where maximum performance capabilities can be reached while reducing the risk of sports related injury.  Our foundation is science.  Science doesn't lie and we use it to develop simplistic approaches to athlete development.

How are we different?

ADU breaks the barriers of old school training and utilizes technology and sports science to create our programs. We offer development plans for the individual athlete.  We create easy to follow team training regimens to very specific corrective and performance based programs.  We will follow the athlete or team and implement progressions that take each athlete to maximum performance levels.

How we get to peak performance?

Following the 3D assessment, we will use real time reporting to create individualized corrective exercise modules for each athlete.  ADU takes an A-Z approach in building elite athletes.  Sports injury prevention and maximizing athletic peak performance is our focus and we take the lead.