​​Performance and Prevention Protocol
Maximize Performance and Prevent Injury!

P3 gives athletes, at all levels, access to high tech injury prevention and performance maximizers that are typically only available to professionals. Athlete movement assessments are captured onsite using 3D technology. Data reporting is powered by our partner PhysiMax and processed in real time...We complete P3 by creating corrective modules specific to each athlete’s assessment outcome. 

What is a Movement Assessment?
A movement assessment is a screening designed to capture physical movement deficiencies in the kinetic chain. By identifying physical imbalances, an athlete can correct and reach maximum performance levels while identifying and reducing the risk of future injury!

What is Corrective Exercise?
Corrective Exercise is a scientifically and systematically structured exercise program built around physical and biomechanical needs.

P3 utilizes a systematic approach to identify neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction and to integrate a strategy to correct deficiencies.
P3 is the first technology driven assessment process to be offered to youth athletes in the public domain.
The use of 3D technology allows P3 to offer a “better than the human eye” assessment.

Coaches receive access to the P3 Program through our website where they will find team and individual corrective exercise modules specific to their athlete’s movement assessment outcomes. Coaches will deliver home development plans and be given team corrective workouts. The P3 Program application will provide line of communication to and from your ADU Experts! Athletes will receive their individualized movement assessment report and corrective exercises for home development. Corrective exercises should be integrated into daily training onsite and done at home for optimal outcomes.